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After raising three children and watching them graduate from college, Bob and Carol decided to leave the educational field and pursue a dream that had been put on hold for 35 years (since graduationg from the University of Northern Iowa). "Two in Thailand" is the journal dedicated to that dream - to serve in the Peace Corps. This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed within do not necessarily represent the views of the Peace Corps or the United States Government.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Family Reunion: Elephant Trekking Part 1

When we posted a picture of elephant riding a few months ago, several family members e-mailed us and said, "We want to do that during the Blaisdell Reunion in Thailand!" During the final days of the visit, we travelled to Hua Hin which is located on the Gulf of Thailand 30 km south of Cha-am. In the first picture Dorothy and Helen (matriarch of the Blaisdell family) smile and wave. "Grandma B." at the age of 86 was a real trooper, joining us in all the activities despite the unbearable heat and humidity! In the second picture, MaryJean and her son, Adam ("Heart Breaker in Thailand") closely follow Dorothy and Helen.

Family Reunion: Elephant Trekking Part 2

Lindsay and Kristen appear in the forefront (downstage) while JC and Jessica are in the background (not being "upstaged" by Lindsay). In the second picture, Kevin and Theresa are mellowing out after a few too many Singha beers!


Family Reunion: Elephant Trekking Part 3

We travelled across a field and through water before ascending a hill for a view of Hua Hin. We then went down and travelled through a small collection of huts where many of the workers and elephant trainers live.

Family Reunion: Carol gets bumped and Adam gets humped!

The trainers wanted to show how gentle elephants can be. Carol received a gentle massage with a few bumps, while her nephew, Adam, got a little more for his money. Needless to say, all were a lot more relaxed after the experience!

Family Reunion: Lindsay gets a Lift and a Kiss!

The trainers wanted to show how strong the elephants were. This one lifted Lindsay (which was like lifting a twig) and the baby kissed Lindsay as an appreciation of not overworking its mother!

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Family Reunion: After the Elephant Show

After the rides on the elephants, we were treated to a show and an opportunity to get some "photo ops". Carol and her mom pose with the mother elephant while Matt and Kristin posed with the baby.