Two in Thailand

After raising three children and watching them graduate from college, Bob and Carol decided to leave the educational field and pursue a dream that had been put on hold for 35 years (since graduationg from the University of Northern Iowa). "Two in Thailand" is the journal dedicated to that dream - to serve in the Peace Corps. This is a personal blog. The opinions expressed within do not necessarily represent the views of the Peace Corps or the United States Government.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Carol Feeds the Monkeys

The monkeys were quite shy and held their distance, but when we showed them food, all reservations were tossed aside. Our principal bought some snacks and fed the monkeys. However, on her second attempt, the monkeys took the entire bag out of her hand. After watching their lightning fast reactions and noticing that their teeth resembled long, sharp knives, Bob said, "No way!" However, Carol was a lot braver. She held the other bag high above their heads and reached down with the other hand to feed them. Bob was happy just to stand back and take pictures!


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